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Name Value
Definition A coordinated plan of care to help dying patients and their families handle the burden of terminal care. Effective secretion management and relief of dyspnea are paramount in caring for patients with end-stage pulmonary disease.
Grouping Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers
Classification Respiratory Therapist, Registered
Specialization Palliative/Hospice

Health providers classified as: Palliative/Hospice

Provider State Specializations
Dr. Carlos Roldan Texas
Miss Judith Howse Virginia
Mr. Rudy Brantley Virginia
Mr. Fred Trunik Virginia
Mr. Frank Thompson Virginia
Ms. Patricia Sharp Virginia
WV CARING West Virginia
Joseph Kintzel Colorado
Kimberly Tonn Iowa

Related specializations

Title Specialization
2279C0205X Critical Care
2279E0002X Emergency Care
2279E1000X Educational
2279G0305X Geriatric Care
2279G1100X General Care
2279H0200X Home Health
2279P1004X Pulmonary Diagnostics
2279P1005X Pulmonary Rehabilitation
2279P1006X Pulmonary Function Technologist
2279P3900X Neonatal/Pediatrics
2279P4000X Patient Transport
2279S1500X SNF/Subacute Care