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Neuromuscular Medicine

DefinitionA physician who specializes in neuromuscular medicine possesses specialized knowledge in the science, clinical evaluation and management of these disorders. This encompasses the knowledge of the pathology, diagnosis and treatment of these disorders at a level that is significantly beyond the training and knowledge expected of a general neurologist, child neurologist or physiatrist.
GroupingAllopathic & Osteopathic Physicians
ClassificationPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
SpecializationNeuromuscular Medicine

Health providers classified as: Neuromuscular Medicine

Dr. Kristie KimPennsylvania
Dr. Gunnar ZornMaryland
Anne MathewsNew York
Laura Hershkowitz DOWashington
Arpad Fejos MDConnecticut
Dr. Charles ImbusCalifornia
Chan HwangWashington
David BlausteinMassachusetts
Emmanuel EmenikeCalifornia
Dr. Tracy ParkWisconsin

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