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Assistive Technology Supplier

DefinitionTaxonomy code 231HA2500X corresponds to professionals specializing as Assistive Technology Suppliers within the category of Speech, Language, and Hearing Service Providers. Here's an explanation of this classification: Audiologist: An audiologist is a healthcare professional trained in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists conduct hearing tests, evaluate hearing loss, provide hearing aids and assistive listening devices, and offer counseling and rehabilitation services to individuals with hearing impairment. They work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, and private practices, to help patients of all ages improve their communication and quality of life. Speech, Language, and Hearing Service Providers: This category encompasses healthcare professionals specializing in the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, and hearing disorders. Speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and other related professionals work together to assess and address communication and swallowing difficulties in individuals across the lifespan. They provide a range of services, including diagnostic evaluations, therapy, counseling, and the prescription of assistive devices to support communication and enhance quality of life. Specialization: Assistive Technology Supplier: Assistive Technology Suppliers are professionals or organizations that specialize in providing assistive technology devices and services to individuals with disabilities or other functional limitations. These suppliers evaluate clients' needs, recommend appropriate assistive technology solutions, and provide access to a range of assistive devices, including hearing aids, communication devices, mobility aids, and adaptive equipment. Assistive Technology Suppliers may work closely with audiologists and other healthcare professionals to ensure that clients receive the most suitable assistive technology solutions for their needs. Professionals or organizations with taxonomy code 231HA2500X, such as Audiologists specializing as Assistive Technology Suppliers, have expertise in providing access to assistive technology devices and services for individuals with hearing loss or other communication challenges. They play a vital role in facilitating the selection, acquisition, and utilization of assistive devices to improve clients' independence, communication abilities, and overall quality of life.
GroupingSpeech, Language and Hearing Service Providers
SpecializationAssistive Technology Supplier

Health providers classified as: Assistive Technology Supplier

Dr. Patricia Shelly-lohmanFlorida
Dr. Kathleen BartelsLouisiana
Dr. Suanne WainwrightLouisiana
Mrs. T WatsonLouisiana
Dr. Gisela SmithNew York
Dr. Steven PerlowNew York
Ms. Sue StoneTennessee
Dr. Melanie HerzfeldNew York
Dr. Jayma ProctorMissouri
Dr. David WadasPennsylvania

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